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  • Magic Water tap Looks Like Tap Floating In Air
  • No Support Amazing faucet Decorate ur home or officewith this amazing magic Faucet
  • Magic faucet and call or magic tap running lights, Look, don’t know the amazing!
  • The new baby, always so compelling, is this

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Magic Water Tap Faucet Fountain – floating in Air with no support along with Color changing LED Light Mug The Magic Faucet Mug makes a great party lamp, bar lamp, night light, interior decoration or water fountain and is suitable for using indoors in home, pub, meeting room, parlor, shop, etc. The Magic Mug comes with a golden faucet that appears to be pouring a nice flow of water traveling through clear tubing while suspended in the air without any pipe or support. This takes seconds to install and presents an entirely different picture to you and your friends. Back your faucet into a wall or even a curtain and enjoy the illusion of Never Ending illuminated water, juice or beer.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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